Sharon Pritchett
Hello, Ten years ago we had a cyprus deck built 8' from the ground to replace our 20 year old deck. The contractor wanted to put a metal roof under the deck to keep the patio, underneath the deck dry. About 4 or 5 years later, we began noticing that some boards were rotting, splitting and fungus was growing in a few places. The contractor came over, replaced the boards and insisted the roof had nothing to do with it. This continued happening until last year when I insisted he remove the metal roof. After I power washed the underside of the deck, I could see a lot more fungus and rotten boards. He came over and still insisted it was not caused by the metal roof but from some unexplained circumstances. He offerred--we did not ask--to replace the deck if we would pay for the materials. He would do the labor free. Now, he is very busy and came over yesterday to tell us that the deck is structurely sound and we will have no problem with it. Since we are selling the house, I think he just didn't have the time to do the job right away, so he is reversing his previous statements. I think the problem with the rotting boards and fungus was caused because the metal roof did not allow the wood to dry out. I am not sure what to do next. What do you suggest and do you think the metal roof caused the problem? Thank you very much, Sharon Pritchett
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Sharon, thanks for the question. It is pretty far-flung from what we normally have on here though. I guess that change is the spice of life though. I assume the wood deck had open slats and the contractors was letting water drain through them to the metal roof where it was then being directed downslop and drained. Provided it had proper drainage and was not causing water to pool beneath the wood deck, I cannot think of a problem with this. The only point of the metal was to keep water from reaching the lower level patio and to direct that water away. Provided it was draining and not pooling the water, this probably would have worked. Ultimately, of course, and this would be the case no matter whether this roof was metal ro another material, if this was a fairly airtight space between the deck and the roof, I am sure it was keeping the wood from drying properly between rains and that could have caused these troubles.
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