buckled, dented copper sheet roofing guidelines

Stephen Graff
Custom home builder has had a copper roof installed over a bay window on a high end new residential project. There are several buckles, dents and overall uneven copper sheet surfaces. The builder has informed the home owner that is "Just the way it is". The home owner is looking to me for my professional opinion. I am the construction consultant on the project and the home owner is my client. during my last site visit I reviewed the bay widow copper roof install and feel that the finished appearance is visually displeasing. Not what I would expect for an "upgrade" the sheets and buckled and dented. The field seams abut the hip seams at different locations on each of the two hips at the top of this bay window. one hip has the two field seams abutting the hip seam under the ell flashing ( not visible) and the other hip has the seam abutment approx 6 Inches below the ell flashing (clearly visible). The difference in seams from hip to hip is adding to the poor finished appearance. First off how " picky" should I be when it comes to dents and buckles? is this normal for the type of roof covering? should I insist that the finished product be one of quality with even/ symmetrical seams and limited unevenness of the sheets? Should I advise my client to demand the copper roof over the bay window be replaced?? All I can think is that if I was trying to decide between roof covering, I would never pick copper if this bay window was shown to me as a sample. I am looking for some guidelines or expert advice to better serve my client. Thank you, Steve
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Metals can always have some inherent waviness, called oilcanning. However, the goal of the fabricator and installer should be to not make the waviness any more pronounced. In this case, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it sounds to me like this job has some craftmanship issues. Keep in mind that, as the copper ages and cahnges color and loses gloss, waviness will be harder to see.
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