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I have been contacted by a potential client to do something about snow buildup above skylights that are 4 feet wide, which are mounted horizontally on the roof. He has made comments about making a ramp so the snow will slide over the skylight. The skylights are about 8" above the roof surface. I recommended a cricket or sno-guards placed above the windows, but the roof is 12/12 pitch and you would be able to see the crickets from the inside, let alone the size of the things on the outside. Does anyone have any ideas of products that will solve this problem? I thought about his idea, but I see potential problems with snow and ice build up between the ramp and the window causing problems. Thanks, Clif
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Cliff, The best answer to this is proper flashing of the skylights to begin with. I assume he is having problems with ice and snow building up above the skylights and getting under the roof. Though it could be very involved, the roofing could be removed with new flashing and underlayment worked in to avoid these problems in the future. Snowguards and good ventilation above the skylights could also help. Other than that, I could suggest some large fake dorners (the same as the crickets you're envisioning I believe) be installed above the skylights to divert water and snow around them but that would be quite obtrusive.
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