Neighbor's Metal Roof

Alan Tomasi

I'm an architect and my neighbor across the street just installed a metal roof on his house. My house is now lit up, so much so that we thought something was burning and it was the varnish on the wood window coverings heating up. His roof is a shiny charcoal grey. These are wide lots so this affects 50% of my house. Is there anything that can be done to his roof to cut the glare?

Thanks, Alan

Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.

There is nothing that can be done that would not in all likelihood void the warranty on the roof. These situations are unusual but there can be times during certain conditions, usually with the sun behind the house, that new roofs can show a lot of sheen or gloss. What usually happens is that some dirt and grime build up on the roof and after a year or so, the sheen diminishes greatly. Imagine if you didn't wash your new car for a year -- you know that the shininess will go away. The roof is very similar just from atmospheric grime and dirt. Ultimately, no different than the paint finishes we us ion our homes, higher gloss finishes offer greater durability and life expectancy.

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