New Standing seam metal roof and condensation


I am in dire need of some advice. I live in Kentucky and about a year ago I had a standing seam metal $$$ roof along with the ice and water shield installed on my nearly flat roof. I had a major remodel done at the same time with 2 additions. When removing the old pvc type roof, my roofer said nearly all the wood was rotted and so it was all replaced. At the time he thought it was due to the old roof sealed around it like a glove, but now after the current situation he thinks it has to do with too much condensation.

We have had some very cold weather here and when it warms up, I have had a line of water spotting in one of the cathedral new drywall ceilings. This line of water leaking will reappear nearly every time the weather breaks. The other new addition side thus far has not had this leaking show through the ceiling at this point. My roofer, who was also my general contractor, has never encountered this issue and has reached out to many of his colleagues for advice. He is getting differing opinions.. more insulation and more ventilation on the roof.

I have can lights in the house which I have heard could cause some issues. Also as I mentioned I have nearly a flat roof. Basically my metal roof is next to my insulation which is next to my ceiling. So I really don’t have any space for more insulation which is one of the suggestions to try. He has suggested we put about 10 small vent boxes in the roof but I really hate to cut that many holes in my brand new roof unless I am sure this is the right direction. Another solution he has offered has to do with widening the ridge vent for better ventilation. I know NOTHING about this except that I don’t want my new remodeled house ruined by this issue. So I am asking for advice, I realize I probably have not given all the information you need but hopefully I can gather what you need if you ask. I appreciate any advice you can give me to pass on to my contractor.

Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.

I am sorry for what all you have experienced. I would like to ask you some questions ... and then we can talk this through. Can you call me at my office tomorrow please? 1-800-543-8938 ext 201


Thanks so much, I will call you today.

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