Metal Roof over existing carriage house roof

Brud Holland
Looking at putting a metal roof system over an existing shingle roof of 2 story 1860's carriage house. Existing shingle roof seems to be in fairly good condition. Previous owner had a business and used both floors. Assuming but not relying on the fact that it appears to have no leaks. There is no insulation currently on the second floor. Plan is to convert 2nd floor into loft/living space. Want to keep the open beam and rafter look. Is there a metal roof system that can be insulated on the exterior over the current shingle roof to give the necessary R value for a living space and have the metal roof installed overtop? Thank you!!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would agree that if you're going to turn the second floor into living space, then you do need to think about insulation and possibly event ventilation. I would also try to add a vapor barrier if you can. Yes, there are metal roofs that can be installed over insulation boards such as poly iso or rigid urethane. There are also insulation boards with decking laminated to the outside for a roof fastening base if desired. And there are boards like that which have integrated ventilation. Here is one such product you could consider:
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
All the metal roofing systems can accommodate an insulation schedule. You can look at one of the prefabricated systems like a vented nail base. Your roofing installer can actually create a similar system as well if he is familiar with how to use foam and decking.

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