Can a metal roof be used on a storybook home?

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Hello! We have recently purchased a storybook home from the 1920s. It currently has traditional shingles that are formed and cut to fit over the roof. We believe that the original roof was cedar shingles that were bent to form our roofline. We would love to replace this with metal for longevity’s sake. I have attached a picture of our home. Do you think a metal roof could work for us? Any help would be appreciated!
Todd Miller
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Hi Melissa. What a beautiful home. Wow. Stunning. Well, I am going to be honest ... that roofline is a challenge for metal. But, to be honest, it is a challenge for any roofing material. A metal roof, if it can be installed on the curves and shapes, will change the home's appearance somewhat just because of panel exposure and design. However, here's what occurs to me ... skilled labor costs for roofing are increasing more rapidly than roofing materials themselves. If your roof can be done in metal, the durability of metal will eliminate that need for future re-roofing at a time when labor costs may be even triple what they are today. Whatever is done to your roof will require a great deal of hand forming and customization. My gut tells me that either an entirely hand-formed product or perhaps an aluminum or copper shingle with a lot of customization will be your best bet for a metal roof. Would you be interested in connecting direct with me an we can talk a bit more about your situation. Not going to kid you, it's a tough one ... but the right person with creativity, skill, experience, and craftsmanship may be able to come up with something. My number is 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 and my email is [email protected]

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