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Hi folks, Just noticed that one of the contractor bids I got isn't listed as a contractor with the MRA. Can someone take a look at this proposal and provide any feedback? House is a very extensive remodel of a single story house with a majority sled roof (for where there are vaulted ceilings), and 30' ridge/gable toward the back over an attic The garage is a 3 part hip roof (two hips). Total number of squares is ~ 23. GENERAL SCOPE OF WORK 1. Examine sub-strait and related roof conditions for possible issues that were unforeseen during initial inspection 2. Install new metal drip edge around the perimeter of the entire roof structure 3. Install new metal vent flashings and vent caps, seal and paint all to match new roof color 4. Install ridge venting to attic areas 5. Install UDL 50 Synthetic underlayment 6. Install Berridge Mfg. 24-gauge steel panels 7. Install 3-Ply torch down roofing material to low slope roof areas. Drip edge metal to match standing seam metals STANDING SEAM ACCESSORY MATERIALS: 1. Clips, flashings, ridge sections, closures and other accessories: Accessories to match the manufacturer’s finishes of material where roofing material is exposed. 2. Underlayment: Titanium UDL 50 class “A” synthetic 3. Sealant: Geosel 2000, Elastomeric type containing no oils or asphalt. Exposed sealant shall be colored to match the applicable building color and shall cure to a rubber-like consistency. Sealant placed in the roof panel standing seam ribs shall be provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 4. Gaskets and insulating compounds: Non-absorptive and suitable for insulating contact points of incompatible materials. FABRICATION: 1. Each panel will be formed in continuous full length detailed runs. Material proposed will have a standard kynar color finish. Panels will have a 1.5” Cee-Lock seam height with a pan width of approx. 16” Product Information Link: roofing/berridge-cee-lock-standing-seam-metal-roofing/ 2. Fabricate trim, flashing and accessories to detailed profiles with same material as panel INSTALLATION: 1. Install roofing panels weather-tight, allowing for expansion and contraction 2. Install panels in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions 3. Provide concealed anchors at all panel attachment locations CLEANING & PROTECTION: Remove debris and waste materials and legally dispose of off the project site & Protect the work sections until substantial completion. SUB-STRAIT PREPARATION & RELATED REPAIRS: Additional costs for the repair of structural defects and/or damage not mentioned in the above and unforeseen. The cost for these roof related repairs are as follows and done on an as-needed basis and with prior authorization. (redacted list of costs for discrete repairs)
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Appears to be fine. Usually you see some verbiage that references that "installation in accordance with material manufacturers standards and compliant with local codes" type of stuff.

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