Batten Faliur due to condensation

Mike Kolder
Hello. I'm considering metal roofing for a 16x80 mobile home. I found with a post from someone who used snaplock standing seam and will post it below.. "About three years ago I installed a standing seam metal on a 4/12 pitch home. We left the existing asphalt shingles and used 1 X 3's to secure the standing seam. We used rooftop guard underlayment under the batten strips. I can say I will never do that again. The metal roof condensation rotted out the batten strips. We had to tear off the entire roof. This time we installed the rooftop-guard over the baton strips to protect them for the condensation. Just my personal experience. " Is this a isolated incident? If he had used Double Strapping and soffit and ridge venting could this have been prevented? Do manufactures require Double Strapping and soffit and ridge venting? Thanks
Eric Novotny
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Depends in large part on the orientation of the roof and atmospheric conditions. If you are getting that much condensation or worried about it, you would want to make sure you use a inorganic batten (i.e. PVC trim ripped into strips) and make sure there are drainage cuts into the battens or just cross batten the roof and put the PVC down and then you can use wood over the top of the PVC vertical battens.

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