Stress skin over post and beam

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In 1985 we built a post and beam framed house with stress skin (1/2" dry wall glued to 6" rigid styrofoam glued to 1/2" sheathing) attached to the outside of the beams. Felt and fiberglass shingles were applied directly to the 12 by 12 roof. An interior heat exchange system was added to deal with excess moisture and lack of air movement inside the house. Is there a metal roof that will work to replace the current roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
My concern with this type of construction is always moisture control. It sounds like you have tried to address that. Please understand that this concern is not a metal roof issue but is a concern regardless of the roof covering. Most all of the products shown on this website could be applied to your home. Many could go over the existing shingles. It is a matter of finding the product which you like best, I feel.
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