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I am planning a metal roofing on a 14x64 manufactured home with a vaulted ceiling, sofit vents all around, stripped to the osb and a peel n stick underlayment over the entire roof. I will install cobra ridge vent and the vent strips at the edge of the ridge cap. My question: Would it be a good idea to put a strip of the ridge cap vent under the lower closures for venting of the panel and draining of the pockets the ribs will have? The underlayment will not breathe at all and I would think it would stay cooler. With all the screws that will be through the panel there is bound to be seepage. All feedback welcome. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks much. A few thoughts ... make sure that the metal roof you install is approved for the pitch of the roof. Many manufactured homes have lower pitched roofs and not all metal roofs will work on them. If the roof is installed correctly and designed for the roof pitch, you should not experience water beneath the panels. A ridge vent is normally used to vent the attic, and it requires intake vents at the bottom of the roof as well in order to function. Trying to vent in the gaps beneath the panels will not have great benefit in my opinion ... however, putting the metal panels up on battens could. That said, I feel that battens can lessen wind resistance and that could be a concern given your location. In particular, vertical battens first followed by horizontal battens for the roof fastening could be quite beneficial and create a good thermal break to prevent condensation inside the attic / home / living space. You'd need to make sure that the metal panels being installed are approved for use over battens.

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