Pulling nails from existing metal roof

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Hello, Im replacing a metal roof on a hog barn 32ft sheets... as you can imagine im trying to get it done before the snow shuts me down. The old steel is nailed down and im looking for a faster way to pull the nails... any help would be greatly appreciated... also im putting tuff role on so its hard to keep track how square my sheets are going on.
Eric Novotny
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What are they nailed into, how deep, and what type of nails?
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They're nailed to the purlins with ring shanked nails.. 3 1/2" on the top of each rib.... I'm finding that my 6ft bar is working well to get under steel and pop the nails out... but I'm still looking for a more efficient way.... also again after putting the insulation blanket down its hard to determine how sq the sheets are going on.. whats the best way to attack this without having to measure every time u put a couple sheets up....

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