Malco Turbo Shears

Brad C
Hi, I am interested in others opinions about the Malco corrugated turbo shears for cutting roofing panels, PBR in particular. I have watch a lot of videos on them and they all appear to show the shear leaving scratches in the paint after they cut. Does anyone have a these shears that can confirm or deny that they do in fact ruin the paint on the panels after use? Or if there is a technique that is applicable to ensure the paint is not marred/scratched after use? TIA!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
I'm not familiar with that shear personally, but I think you will have issues with nearly every mechanically assisted shear on a corrugated panel.
Dick Bus
Fein Tools makes a nibbler that is better for cutting PBR panels. the only caution is getting the moon shaped cuttings on your shoes and then walking on the finished panels.

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