New roof for older Mobile with tin pitched roof

Vince B
Hi everyone. I was given a 1988 Zimmer 3 br mobile home that needed some work. Knowing the roof is the most important item before I do Reno work, I want to tackle that first. I’m attaching a picture of the roof showing the current state and materials. Its tin, with a pitch which appears to be 4/12 to my eye but not an expert! One small leak in one corner that i patched already, and it appears to have a simple U channel gutter along both long edges. This home will be used thursday nights through sunday afternoon when in town to work, and left alone half the week. I want a sturdy metal roof which snow can slide off easily, thus I am asking for advice how to install. The inside has no cathedral ceilings, all flat. There is good pink fiberglass insulation up there. Underlayment, slats, and then the metal panels? Underlayment, then metal panels screwed directly on the surface? Thank you! Vince
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Picture from the roof side down might be helpful. Might not be necessary to rip it off and throw it in the trash to be honest.

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