Walking on wet/snow covered metal roofing

Brad C
Is there any safe way to walk on wet/snow covered metal roofing panels? PBR in specific? I am in SW montana and have about 8 panels to finish and of course, we got a bunch of snow. The wind isn't too bad right now and I'd love to get up there and broom all the snow off, but man those panels are SLICK, even with rubber soled shoes. Any suggestions?
Eric Novotny
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Not really. You need to be under harness and have a tie off point to the roof line if the roof is even wet. Having snow on it is a whole other consideration. Short of wearing metal golf spikes on an old wood shake roof, there isn't a whole lot you can do when a roof has snow on it.
Guest User
I put Roofing brackets Up 3 feet wide the width of the panels and then I set them up about 6 feet from each other high on every panel I put on I put another. 2 Roofing brackets on the top and on the bottom attach the brackets using the same holes and screws that use for the metal roofing try to stay away from the edges on the high part of your metal your brackets will pop out easy when you're done

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