David Gruenberg
Hi I'd like to extend the width of my metal awning but the contractor who installed may be out of business (due to health reasons). I am unable to identify the kind of roofing. I believe he purchased a kit from a company in Oregon. I've attached a photo of the roof. The panel coverage is about 2'. There are three ridges per panel, so the ridges are about 8". I'd like to know the name of the style of roofing and perhaps a contact for the metal distributor so I can purchase three or four more panels. Thanks David
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thank you. This is called a "W Pan," commonly used for porch covers, carports, and etc. There are a number of manufacturers out there. I am not sure, however, who might produce these in Oregon. Here is a company i have worked with that produces them: http://www.ballews.com/products/w-pan-covers
Guest User
Thank you Todd

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