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In doing research I have found that Aluminum is the way to go for a metal roof for my salt air environment. My question is a lot of manufactures talk about Rust and say to go with Aluminum because Aluminum will not rust but they don't talk about corrosion. Do you have any experience with whether or not corrosion will be an issue with an Aluminum roof in a salt air application? I have also looked at a lot of warranties and not sure if they are posting the most common warranty to their website but most manufactures do not have a separate one for Aluminum and they appear to not warranty any application near a salt air environment no matter what material you are purchasing. Next is to call them all individually but this will take some time. What is the best thickness of Aluminum? Some manufactures offer .50 standard and some have lower #'s for standard . Thank you, This forum is very helpful, wish I found it earlier, Sharyn
Eric Novotny
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Aluminum does corrode in the presence of salt air, but the question is at what rate vs. steel. Are you going with a painted panel?
Dick Bus
several of the members of the Metal Roofing Alliance have a warranty for coastal applications. I would start with them. Aluminum is definitely the material of choice. The aluminum needs to be painted (I recommend PVDF paint) or anodized. .50 is not representative of gage. the gage is depended on the profile you select and fastener spacing that the manufacturer recommends.
Ivan Gonzalez
Unfortunately, manufacturer's do not provide warranties on residential applications. However, I would suggest you should look into a one that does provide, for commercial applications near the coast on a commercial property, a "finish warranty" and a "watertight warranty". The end result would be the identification of the material (aluminum most likely), the coating or finish (Kaynar 500 or better most likely) and the gauge (040 or thicker most likely), and the system components.

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