Leaking Metal Roof - will elastomeric coating work

cchale cchale
Greetings and HELP! We have about 5000 Sq' of metal (crimped steel) roof about 10 yrs. old built on 2:12 pitch. We have replaced screws which back out of the wood underlayment. Leaks are getting worse. I am trying to decide whether to try the elastomeric coating or to replace the roof. Either option is expensive. Do elastomeric coatings work and how long do they last in S. Mississippi Thanks
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Thanks for your message. Have you tried contacting the roofing manufacturer to se eif they have any information which might help the current condition? As far as elastomerics ... I think that proper application, including a clean substrate is a key. However, if the current screws are working their way out, they will likely damage the elastomeric as well. I am by no means an expert in thie field though. I would suggest also consulting with some of the coatings producers and seeing if they can give you references for past jobs and customers.
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