SM-Rib panels over 2x4 purlins?

David Kissinger
SM-Rib substrate
I am building a barn/garage and would like to use a 26ga 3/4" rib metal panels with exposed fasteners on 2x4 purlins 24" oc nailed to 3/12 gable trusses with radiant barrier applied over the trusses (under the purlins) the attic will be blown in cellulose. My question is- will this be a good application or would 5/8" sheathing be better? I have heard conflicting answers. I have a pole barn with no insulation that has the same application without the radiant barrier that has handled a few hurricanes with no damage. Looking for an expert opinion. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
David, since this is a barn / garage, I probably do not have condensation concerns though I often do when I hear of installations without decking. My feeling though is that, with your construction as outlined, you will get better uplift resistance (wind resistance) with decking than without.

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