Richard Snook
New to metal roofing
After Hurricanes Wilma and Irma damaging our asphalt shingle roof in the Florida Keys, we are looking to install a metal roof, but know nothing about them and would like to know what you think and if we should get improved specifics. A local contractor gave us a quote: " to remove the existing roof,and refasten the deck, and cover with a peel and stick secondary waterproof underlayment, and install 26 ga Galvalume 5 v Crimp metal roofing (no field seams, single pc panels). All fasteners installed on TRC 5v roofs are stainless steel capped fasteners. All flask=hings are premium factory fabricated flashings, premium gable closures, hip and ridge metal hand notched to insured Highest wind resistance. All gables and eaves set in a bed of butyl tape." 7 year contractor guarantee against leakage. The price is $9000 for a roof of approx 48 x 30 ft. Any questions that I should ask or changes to request, such as gauge or screws rather than nails, etc. ANy advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rick
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Anything you do in metal is going to vastly exceed the performance of asphalt in this case. I am a bigger fan of the concealed fastener type design, but all of them (when done properly) will meet your specifications.

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