Solar Panels on Aluminum Patio Roof (Load OK?)

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I'd like to install solar panels on top of my existing aluminum patio roof (see photo). The roof is 390 square feet and the solar panels would cover the entire area. The panels alone weigh 960 pounds and the framing will probably add another 140 pounds, for a total of 1100 pounds; that's about 3 pounds per square foot. Although the roof itself seems more than capable of handling the load, the vertical roof support posts (i.e., the "walls" of the screened patio) would appear to be the load-bearing component at risk here. Are those posts likely to be able to handle the additional load? If not, what reinforcement strategies should I consider here?
Eric Novotny
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The only way you are going to get an answer that is appropriate and sufficient here is to have an engineer come by and inspect the structure, show him/her the additional load that you are going to place across this enclosure roof, and get the correct recommendations or confirmations that the structure is adequate.

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