Noise-Sensitive Buildings With Metal Roofs

Chris Berger
Can anyone direct me to examples of noise-sensitive buildings with a metal roof such as theaters or libraries? I work for a city that owns a historic barn that has been converted into an arts center. The 20-year-old cedar shake roof needs replacement. I would like to install a metal roof on the building for historic accuracy and durability, but the building manager fears rainfall on the metal roof over the 99-seat theater would be disruptive during performances and require the installation of noise-dampening materials. I attached a photo of the theater space. It has a gable roof, and the lights and sound equipment are located in the rafters. Any examples you can point out would be helpful.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Looks like a great building. I do not know of any examples to give you but certainly what you're talking about has been done. However, it will take some insulation and also an airspace for sound attenuation. For example, in normal residential construction, sound is not an issue I am not sure exactly what all your roof system entails right now. I'd suggest working closely with your roofing manufacturer to determine the optimal installation and system. There are even products like Enkamat and RoofAquaGuard Dry-Tech which can be used to help break up sound waves between the metal roof and the roof deck. I'd be happy to discuss this on the phone if you wish. You can email me at [email protected] and we will set up a good time for both of us to talk.
Chris Berger
Todd, thanks for much for your response!

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