Metal Roofs on Theaters

Chris Berger
Can anyone please provide me examples of metal roofs on noise-sensitive buildings such as theaters? I work for a city that has converted a historic barn into a performance arts space. The building originally had a metal roof but currently has a cedar shake roof that needs replacement after 20 years. I would like to reinstall a standing seam roof on the building for historic accuracy, durability, and aesthetics, but the building's programming manager is convinced rain hitting the roof will disrupt performances. We would prefer not to add sound dampening, so I am seeking examples to prove that a metal roof will not be a distraction. I attached a photo. The theater space is covered a gable roof, and the theater's lighting and sound equipment is located in the rafters. Any examples you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Eric Novotny
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Chris, The old adage of "rain on a tin roof" was from an open decking design. If you incorporate a solid decking (i.e. plywood) and some above deck insulation, the noise should be non-existent through the roof. There may still be some noise on the outside, but the noise coming through the roof should be next to nothing.
Guest User
Thanks, Eric!

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