Three direction ridge cap

B Townsend
My house is currently under construction and I opted for a metal roof because I wanted something very low maintenance and worry free. The install went very well except for in one area where the framers did an unusual spot where three ridges meet in a not very wide area. The roofing subcontractor made a ridge cap to cover but in my opinion it looks very bad. The issue is how to address the three ridges without it looking poorly. The roofer just made the caps very wide, bent them in spots to get enough screws in to secure them, and caulked up the joint. My builder said he would have them come back and try to "pretty it up" but I would like some expert advice on how such a tricky area should. Be properly done. Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thank you for choosing a metal roof. Others may have better ideas but, to me, the part of this that does not look the best is the width of the hip cap. It will require also replacing the roof panels in this area at this point but my thought would be to re-do it with a narrower hip cap ... and make sure that some method is in place to close off the uphill ends of the roofing panels that extend under the hip cap, to ensure that water can't blow up into those areas and end up under the panels.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
If you were in a snow belt area, I would be a bit more concerned about the cut up area and ice damming, but this is not a real weather concern in Arkansas. I would run the standard and preformed width ridge cap and possibly form the panel to be monolithic in the valley area.
Guest User
Thank you! I spoke with the builder, he agrees and that portion of the roof will be completely redone.

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