Moss on metal roof

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My metal roof is 5 years old. I have the roof that looks like shingles. I have so much more miss on this roof then I ever had on my asphalt shingles when I was told I wouldn't have hardly any moss! I will enclose some pictures.
Eric Novotny
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What does the shading and tree coverage around the roof look like? Please post up a picture of the home from further back. The reality is that if you have an organic substrate (i.e. leaf debris/stone granules, airborne dirt, water, etc.), shading, and a growing will get moss on anything in the right conditions (especially North facing roofs). The beauty of metal is that the moss is easily treatable and does not damage the metal in the same manner or severity with which it would ruin asphalt. Step 1 for me would be to call the manufacturer and figure out what they recommend and allow for when it comes to roof/house washes. Step 2 would be to trim back any overhanging trees or shade and make sure that the sun can get to the roof and dry it out.

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