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I have a 24 gauge standing seam metal roof that was installed on our new house 9 years ago. It was fabricated on site by the roofing contractor from the metal rolls. We have 1/4 log siding (tongue & groove) and this spring I discovered some rotten siding where the roof on the breezeway meets the house & garage walls. The section that is the worst has the water flowing right into the siding (the garage is at an angle), there is no kick-out flashing at the bottom, and there is some sort of metal that was put in between the roof, wall, & gutter which I can see water trickling under when it rains. There is also another spot on the other side of the breezeway where the roof meets the house that I also found that the siding is rotting and again there is no kick-out flashing here. On 1 out of the 4 sections where this breezeway roof meets up with the garage & house the roof was done differently. We were thinking that perhaps when they were doing it one of the more experienced people told another worker to do this but they put it in the wrong spot? Who knows. I need to have someone come out to get this fixed. I've spent lots of time reading about roof/sidewall intersections and the importance of kick-out flashing to prevent these problems but I haven't been able to find much info with regards to metal roofing. I would like to know the proper fix for this so I can make sure whoever I hire is doing it right and I won't have problems again in the future. I have attached a picture of the area where the worst rot is ( I have more pictures but I don't see how to add multiple).
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Can you please send additional photos to me at [email protected]?
Eric Novotny
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Do you have a mechanic that can come out and make the revisions? Shouldn't be that big an issue depending on how that dead valley was affixed.

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