9 inch stove pipe and standing seam roofing

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I am installing a standing seam roofing. There is a 9 inch stove pipe on the front of the house. I wld like to know wht is a normal ptactice fot this large of a boot. I got the roofing from harvey bld products but thy do not have any boots over 4 or 5 inches. I have already started the roof and I am stuck w no boot. Can you tell me what I shld do in ths situation. The pitch is 10/ 12 and the pipe is 2 ft from the ridge in center of the roof. Any help wld be grateful
Eric Novotny
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Scott, You can contact the manufacturer of the panel and see what they specify but there are several options. Some folks will fabricate their own type of boot if they are good mechanics, however, there are underpans and other type of boots that are available if you are dealing with a more specialty supplier. I would start with whoever is the panel manufacturer and see what they specifically recommend first.

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