To CUT or not to CUT!

Jeanna Robledo
We are installing a metal roof over Roofing Paper on a 18' x 25' garage. We don't plan on using furring strip, but install right to the existing roofing. Our question concerns the length of sheets to use. 1) Each side of roof is 10'3", with recommended 2" overhang, 10'5". Which option would be best: a) Buy 12' sheets and cut them b) Buy 8' sheets and overlap them c) Put up the Ridge and hope the overlay is enough ( 14" spread on ridge ) Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would avoid horizontal laps if at all possible. Sounds like 12' panels are the way to go.
Guest User
Thank you. I am hoping to find someone to cut them to size then.

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