FL Code Approval - "Closely Fitted Deck"

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Working on a 1930's vintage farmhouse in a Non-HVHZ hurricane zone in north-central Florida. After stripping two layers of shingles and fixing the deteriorated, mostly 1x6 deck boards, I was originally planning to re-shingle the roof. However, now I'm leaning towards a metal roof.... perhaps 26 ga 5-v crimp for tradition's sake, or maybe some kind of concealed-fastener snap-lock panel. My question is this: Reading the FL Chapter 15 roof code commentary, it basically says that you can install metal roofing over a solid or "closely-fitted deck" (boards), however after looking at several different manufacturer's websites, I can't seem to find any ready-made engineering code approvals for sawn lumber decks. It's always for modern plywood or osb installations, or on top of purlins. Am I missing something, or will I need to get an engineer to custom-design an approval? In a perfect world, I would skin-over the deck with plywood for a uniform surface.... but in this case, I think I can get away with fixing the rough deck sections, shimming everything up straight, and covering the entire deck with peel'n'stick underlayment.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Interesting question. I am curious what others think. I have always considered dimensional lumber decks, closely fitted, to be no different than OSB or CDX plywood in terms of installation. Holding power of fasteners should be better. Yes, current testing methods are on manufactured decking but, again, I think most folks consider lumber to be an or equal or better. If fasteners are being driven in and hit the space between boards, adjustments should be made, same as if they hit the gap between plywood or OSB sheets. Curious what others say though!

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