double wide ridge vent

Dennis Mitchell
My 89 double wide has vented soffitt all the way around it but no ridge vent and no vents in the roof. Can I install a ridge vent when I put on the metal roofing??? Is there anything special I need to do and will it let water blow in during a storm?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I generally do not care for ridge vents on roofs of less than 5:12 pitch but your metal roof supplier / contractor may have something that would work if your roof is lower pitch. Regardless, you need to get the roof vented for energy efficiency. Are there vents in the gable ends? On a double wide, there is often a double ridge board so getting a ridge vent cut in can be tough. You may need to go to some sort of off the ridge vent, which may be better anyway if your roof is lower pitch, which is not uncommon on double wides especially of that era.
Guest User
We live in a d wide mobile home. 1986 i think and the vent on the roof isnt working. My upper cabnets r hot inside and i get condensation on my cans. How do i fix it and can i so it myself?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Kari, Is the vent powered? Can you post up a picture?

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