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Have a mobil home on a lake in eastern Oklahoma. Porch (14 ft by 28 ft)has been leaking so I removed all roll roofing and plywood. Going to put 26 or 29 gauge metal roofing back but the locals tell me I must put some kind of insulation under it or the condensation will drip on the porch all the time. The porch is open, east, north and south and does not have a ceiling, just open rafters. Are they right? If so what do I do. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The formation of condensation results when warm, moist air hits a cooler surface. Because your porch is open on three sides, I do not see where this situation will exist. If you have some sort of moisture source beneath the porch that produces air that is warmer than the ambient temperature, then maybe this could be a problem. However, it would be a pretty unusual circumstance for that to be the case. I cannot say with 100% certainty, I guess, but I feel pretty confident that your porch roof will not condense water on its underside.
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What do you insulate the metal with if your porch is going to have a ceiling, but still be open on three sides?
Eric Novotny
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Nothing. If the space is unconditioned, there is no point in insulating it.
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