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Crazy house, so crazy question. I have a dome home in iowa. We want to remove two ridiculous leaky skylights. Once we do, we will have two big holes. The houses layers are from inside-out shotcrete, a close cell foam core, and an external thick elastometric paint layer (we debate this outer layer). It is a dome, but not terribly "rounded" where these skylights are, so my tentative plan is to sandwich a metal roof plate or segment in the hole as a base with which to layer close cell foam and shotcrete on the underside, and an external coating on the top. Not ideal, not perfect, but I'm working with nonstandardized, no one will touch it housing. Any thoughts as to how the metal segment will hold up interacting with a layer of foam as such, or being the cover-up foundation of this mad layer cake as I can't use wood but need a frame for the layers?
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Thanks. Sounds interesting. So, are you asking if the foam and the metal should have any negative reaction / interaction? If that is the question, no, I would not expect any. Let me know if I am missing the question though.
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David Stermer
Hi Grant, My experience with dome homes is that the roof/wall sections are triangular in shape and have 2x framing with plywood sheathing. Assuming this kind of assembly and that the skylight takes up one of these triangular sections, framing in the section may be needed to support plywood sheathing. Then apply an underlayment to the sheathing. Metal panels can then be applied to the sheathing. Think through the flashings around the perimeter before installing as some conditions be come fairly complex when multiple conditions flash into a single point. Always install under upslope members and over downslope members so that water will run down and off your structure. On the inside you could add drywall and apply a treatment similar to adjacent areas. Regards and good luck, David
Lina Petra
Hey Grant how did it go?

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