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I have an Asphalt roof with 2 layers. It is obvious to me the person who added the second layer did not know what they were doing. I am planning to put a metal roof on this house. It is a manufactured home. I am going to tear off because I am removing to skylites and I think I have at least one area that needs new sheetings. I have alot of experience with ashphalt but none with metal. Once I do the tear off I plan to put down felt. Will I need to uses strips for the metal or can I just go straight to the decking. There are some dips along one side toward the peak of the roof. not sure how this will effecft the metal. Also I want to vent at the peak. I am assuming they used This wont be a problem. My only concern here is how many inches from the top do start the metal
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Installation requirements depends on the system that you are installing. Some require battens, while some are direct to deck. Any and all of the panels that you select should have succinct instructions to go with them.

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