Eric Haskins
Ok I am putting on 3 rib galvalume on my mfg house. The mafg gave me 6 gooseneck vents for the attic vents ...... not one person has a consensus on how these should be installed. 1)Some say cut a panel and drop over with flashing above and caulk. 2)Others say screw backend of vent in then notch a lower panel slide under the front of the vent. then notch another panel and come down over the vent sides and overlap the bottom panel 2 seems like the more plausible one but it leave a gap in the front cause the vents are on top of a corregation to me wind will blow the rain up there , yes there will be caulk but still dont caulk your way into trouble. secondly that gap will catch wind......... Im lost
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Each manufacturer will have very specific instructions and consumables (i.e. underpans in many cases) to work with your venting requirements. Have you considered a full width ridge vent?

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