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Hi. I'm having a house built and opted for a standing seam metal roof. It oil canned terribly. So I had a reputable roofing company do an inspection. Right away the inspector noticed that all the vents are installed improperly. He said they should be installed with 2piece roofing panel and underneath the metal panel. Instead these are just on top, with screws and caulking. The inspector said that once the caulking wears, in 5-10 years, the vents will most likely leak. I pointed this out to my builder and he said that's just an opinion, and he wouldn't pay the money to fix it. He said he would honor it if they leak. But what if they are out of business? Can someone tell me what is the "right way" to install vents with a standing seam metal roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are flashings like that which are used a great deal. Tektite is a brand name. I can't speak for your flashings but those have a butyl rubber seal that is covered by metal and wears very well. The far bigger risk is the neoprene that actually collars the pipe.

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