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Have a mobil home that is probably a 1996 year model it is a 14 x 70 I am wanting to install a metal roof over the existing metal roof The plan is to lay Battens (1x3) on top and in same direction as rafters run Plan on laying metal roof insulation or what ever the metal company suggest then run battens length ways of the trailer This will give me about an actual 1 1/4 " of space for venting Then lay the metal roof down I have been reading the other post and did not run across what I plan on doing Is the insulation unwise and no need to lay batttens both directions Any suggestions are welcome
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
For a mobile home, usually any insulation and ventilation are helpful. You will need to make sure that the metal roof you install is appropriate for the pitch of your roof. I would suggest leaving some gap between the top of the insulation and the top of the vertical battens, so that you can achieve vertical airflow. Try to bring fresh air into this area at the bottom of the roof and exhaust it out at or near the ridge. I hope this helps. You also emailed this question direct to me. I will not plan on replying but do email me anytime. [email protected]

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