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I purchased a piece of property with an old barn, possibly 30+ years old. Many of the galvanized roof panels are rusty, from a little to a lot. My questions is, for esthetic reasons only, can the panels be taken up, flipped over and reattached? This would place the rusty side inside where nobody outside will see it. I don't believe any of the rust has resulted in holes, it's just superficial. Is this doable or am I crazy? If it is doable, what should I consider when doing this? I'd try to reuse to same nail holes to reattach the panels to keep from having to seal them. I've attached a small satellite image of the roof to give you an idea of the rust situation. Thanks
Eric Novotny
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I think you are going to be spending good money (in time and effort) chasing bad here. Without seeing the panel up close (i.e. better picture), its impossible to say if they are salvageable. Playing the percentages, I would say that most are not.

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