Jim Bell
Hi Folks, My HOA is in the process of hiring a contractor to clean our metal roofs that have moss and lichen growth. Some contractors plan to scrub with chemical solutions and pressure wash the same day, others say you've got to kill the growth first and wait awhile before washing or it can damage the finish. We'd sure like to get an opinion from the group on which way to go. Thanks....
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
You can do both in the same day in my opinion. I would check with the manufacturer on the panel to make sure the contractor is using a compliant solution that will not further damage the paint.
Guest User
I am checking to see which you did and how this worked out for you? WE just bought an old home, with metal roof. But have not idea what brand it might be... we are in Eastern Washington, but there is a large maple tree over that end of the house. We are also in an agricultural area, so at times there is a lot of blowing dust. We are hoping to find something that we might be able to do our selves...

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