Metal over ashalt shingles

Jerome Carter
I am considering having a metal roof installed over the existing asphalt shingles on my manufactured home. The existing shingles have wind damage but the roof does not leak. I have a few questions.... The contractor is suggesting PBR Panels made by Everlast Roofing, is this a quality product? Should the contractor put down an underlayment? Should the contractor lay both vertical and horizontal wood strips to affix the metal panels to? The contractor has told me that he will order the metal to fit, so there will not be any seams. Is a ridge vent standard? Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
PBR refers to an exposed fastened metal roofing panel. I can't speak to the specific quality offered by Everlast but you may want to ask them if their products meet the Metal Construction Association Premium Certification level. Also be sure that you know the quality of coating and base metal, and thickness. These should all be specified in your contract. Also, know what warranty you receive from both the manufacturer and the contractor. Not all people interpret it this way but I interpret the International Building Code as requiring underlayment even if the old shingles are left in place. I would not say that purlins are mandatory but the use of vertical followed by horizontal purlins provides for good air flow and enhance energy efficiency, especially if they feed fresh air in at the bottom and exhaust it through a ridge vent. I would not say that ridge vent is standard. It should be specified in the contract. I hope this helps.

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