Have a existing building where the purl-ins are on 4 foot centers. The previous owner/contractor put 29 gauge metal (24" wide) on this roof. This roof is pretty much ruined from people walking on it to service HVAC equipment. I think the reason they did this was because 24" works really well on layout and maybe for cost reasons. Metal supplier has told me 26 or 24 gauge metal is not available in 24" widths. I was wondering if there are problems with placing 2ea. 29ga sheets on top of each other to give more strength to roof. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Manufacturers of these panels will have load tables and specifications in regards to purlin space and fasteners. The 48" I believe is a lot wider purlin spacing than anyone would recommend and I believe that is the issue. The 24" wide panel is unusual and probably bot possible to find a match. If you can apply new purlins spaced as required by the manufacturer of the metal roof you're installing, followed by an appropriate and approved metal panel, I think you will be okay,

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