Bryan Schanze
Would like to have a standing seam metal panel roof installed over Sips panels on a new homeH. I am concerned about trapping moisture between the osb skin of the Sips panels and the metal. Can you recommend a system that will allow for proper ventilation to avoid moisture retention?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Bryan, Depending on the thickness of the SIP, an airspace may not be required. If you want it for the additional benefit and are going the extra mile, some radiant barrier over the SIP with a vent space (cross battened) would create and air flow space. That said, you really should be putting it down on solid decking so it will need another layer of plywood and all the framing of that expense. Depending on the SIP thickness and insulation, you might be better suited to just throw it down on the SIP. It will do quite well and as long as the SIP is well sealed at the joints, you won't have any air loss or humidity to accumulate on the underlayment.

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