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Im sure im beating a dead dog to death here but....I will be hoping to install a metal roof soon. I am just researching right now. I am confident in installing the roof over the majority of the existing roof on my own, except one portion I need some advice. Everything I find online gives examples of roofs with chimneys exiting somewhere inside the perimeter of the roof. Mine however sits on the side of the house and exits the roof through the outer perimeter. It is a block chimney. I don't have exact measurments at the moment, but hopefully that wont matter. Im just not sure how I should approach flashing such a design. Any help would be appreciated.
Eric Novotny
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How about a picture of the actual home? What metal will you be running. Whatever you are doing, it is not a difficult undertaking and there are specific guidelines for flashing different panels.
Dick Bus
I would recommend that you ask the metal panel manufacturer that you will be using. They should have standard details available.

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