Ed Eibach
My client has a 15 yr. old home, standing steel seam, galvanized and powder-coated, corroded and leaking at Velux skylights. Intention is to replace roofing with similar looking material. We need to stop galvanic response between dissimilar metals to avoid future corrosion. Since Velux uses aluminum in their construction, should we consider a particular roofing metal composition to avoid repeating corrosion? We already plan to make sure there is no contact between aluminum galvanized steel, via flashing. Any additional suggestions or what to look for, or act on in this installation? How do you make a steel/aluminum roof material when those metals do not play nice together? Should we consider this? Please help.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
If you are sure that the frames of the skylights are aluminum, running aluminum coil stock would be your easiest and most foolproof option.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you have any photos of the actual areas of corrosion, could you post them please?
Guest User
1. Velux skylights are assembled with a wood frame, aluminum trim pieces & matching flashing. Please explain what is "aluminum coil stock" and how it might relate or be foolproof?. 2. Photos not available until it stops raining. Personally, I have not seen the jobsite. I will get back to you. Thanks, Ed Eibach 408.307.6665

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