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I have an old metal roof on a large garage- the type that looks like continuous waves, it has been coated with tar several times but has developed very bad leaks over the years. I was looking at having 1x4 purlins screwed over top and new 28 ga metal put on with double bubble under it. The idea is to minimize cost of removing old roof and to take advantage of its strength of being screwed into the existing frame-( with the screws under the tar coating of course). Currently the garage will run 20 degrees hotter than outside in summer and I am wanting to improve that greatly. My questions revolve around -28 being enough, double bubble making a difference and if anyone has better ideas or suggestions. The size is quite substantial at 6000 sq ft building so everything seems to have a large cost impact at that size. Thanks to all...
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
As long as the battens are secured into the rafters beneath the metal roofing, this should be okay. Make sure that the new metal panel you're installing is approve day its manufacturer for installation over battens. As far as the radiant barrier, I do not see any harm and it probably will help some.
Eric Novotny
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+1. If you can provide a continuous venting pathway and air space from bottom to the ridge (both vented), the radiant barrier will work very well.

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