Cool Roof ventilation between metal and sheathing

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I'm going to put a metal roof over my old shingle roof. I want to do a Texas Cool Roof. A good picture of what I am planning is available here. Basically the metal is attached to a cross batten system that creates an air space under the metal. It is then vented at the eaves and peak to allow hot air to rise out the top, siphoning off the hot air between roof and sheathing. Ventilating at the peak, is no problem. Not sure how at best vent at the eaves. So, my question is, How do I ventilate at the eaves? Is there a material like the mesh/ sponge stuff used in the peak ventilation available?
Eric Novotny
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There are eave closures that can be made of foam or mesh and allow for sufficient air movement.
Todd Miller
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This can be done a couple of ways ... 1) You can cut holes in the deck and bring air up out of the soffit overhangs. I am not real keen on that idea. 2) You can do a vented starter of some sort ... this can be tough to get much air moving. 3) You can add a fascia to the outside of the current fascia and bring air up through the resulting gap. Coe-A-Vent and others make products that can simplify this process.
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Thanks for the replies. Gotta go do some Googling, you gave some places to start. Much appreciated

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