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Hello. Ive just recently had a metal roofing system installed over my existing asphalt shingles. Ive had many issues with the company including leaks during and after installation. Ive had a few contractors out to give my some estimates on damages and they both told me that the flashing has been installed incorrectly. They cut in my opinion haphazardly and too much in some areas and on my dormer corners into my siding and then flashed over it. Poorly the first time and I complained. They damaged the siding in some areas and even screw-nailed some siding to the wall on the first panel up from my lower roof. Their solution was to use what they called a "beauty bar" which was essentially a big wide flashing they put around the dormers and where the siding meets the roof. There are now two layers of flashing and both are directly over the siding. Both contractors have told me that they should have lifted up or off the last row of siding and put the flashing under the siding, not over it, as water can (and is) running down the siding and can get between. Being winter, we are not sure if the first layer has been tucked in under or not, but aesthetically I think it looks bad even if its not potentially a water issue. The last leak the company claims to have popped over and fixed while I was at work one day. I don't believe they even knew the exact location of the leak. They also dented some of the metal panels and my eaves with scaffolding and ladders during installation. They have informed me that these panels will "pop back out" with heat and cold over a season or two. I would appreciate as many second opinions as possible on any or all of these issues.
Todd Miller
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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of the roofing for their input and help?
Eric Novotny
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+1 Best bet to start with the manufacturer and see if they have a preferred contractor reference to assess and diagnose the issues. Have you talked to someone at a manager level inside the company that installed the roof?

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