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I am a sheet metal worker and hired a roofing contractor to remove my shingled roof, and old underlayment, install premium ice and water shield (Grace,GAF) and make standing seam roofing. I wanted to install myself to save labor cost. Everything was fine until I noticed they peppered my roof with cap nails and panels were wider than discussed. So I looked up ice and water shield they were installing; it was Owens Corning WeatherLock Mat. The online description said it was for shingle roofing and they made a WeatherLock for metal roofing. So I contacted salesperson he said that's what they use for all their metal roofs. We discussed exposure of panels he said 16"; and they made 18".. I contacted O.C. they said underlayment had to be changed to a high temp underlayment. Our contract was vague and I trusted him. What a idiot I was. I refused to install my metal on improper underlayment. They got O.C. to rewrite their warranty for my home. Now I'm totally confused . Do I need high temp ice and water or not? I'm tearing off and installing Grace HT. on whole deck.
Eric Novotny
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Mark, What type of metal roof panel did you put down and in what color?
Todd Miller
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I generally do not feel that a high temp product is essential in Indiana. However, if you wish, you could cover the current ice and watershield with a layer of synthetic underlayment to act as a slip sheet and protect from any issues if the ice and watershed should get "sticky" during high temperatures. The other option of course is to replace it.

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