Brent Zimmerman
hello, I have a question about installation. I live in Altoona, Pa which is smack in the middle of Pa. anyways around here we install perlings usually 2x4s, sometimes 1x3s, I'm not sure why but I'm assuming to help the roof breath and I understand it keeps the form of the shingles underneath from showing through. but anyways my question is, when you attatch the 2x4 perlings or the 1x3 perlings can you use 16 penny nails or do they have to be screwed on , thanks
Eric Novotny
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When we run them, we will tack them down for initial hold and then follow it up with screws. Wood, as individual members, can twist up and pull on you. Its much more expensive to have to come back and unzip the roof because a piece of wood decided to cup on you when a screw might have held it down better than even a ring shank nail.

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