installation with rectangle vents

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Hello, Considering a metal roof and have a question I can not find an answer to. We have a double wide mobile home with an asphalt shingle roof. The roof has 3' wide (aprox) roof vents, 2 on each side, a sky light, a couple of vent pipes and 2 bathroom exhaust fan vent covers. How is the metal roof panel installed with the rectangle vents and the sky light? What about the fan exhaust vents? I have read about the boots for the vent pipes already. Also is there a code or something to determine the gauge of the panels? Thanks, Tony
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Similar flashing details in metal but they often require onsite fabrication of flashing and pans. In some cases, there are preferred ventilation vents that are easier to flash, but a competent mechanic can make just about anything to work with his system. Flashing details and pans will depend on what type of metal you are running.

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