South Florida metal vs concrete tile

Eric Held
Hello, I currently have a colored concrete barrel tile on my roof that is starting to leak after 14 years due to probably heat build up and the paper starting to get a tear or degrade....terrible life for the roof (I was not here when installed). I am considering replacing with either a metal roof or flat concrete 11" white tile. I have several questions: 1). Considering we have lots of hurricanes here which will stand up better to hurricane winds. I have lived here all my life and the flat white 11" tile did great during hurricane Andrew. How would a metal roof stand up? My roof is a hip roof by the way and I am about 10 miles from the beach so salt air not issue. 2). Most of the metal roofs are the natural galvanized metal does this as far as keeping your attic cool compared to concrete tile. I read a University of Florida study and the best roofs for keeping attic cool were the white flat tile and the white metal roof. I have never seen a white metal roof down here they all are the galvanized metal look, so wondering how it would compare. 3). Who are some good metal roof contractors in the Broward County - Ft Lauderdale area? 4). My house is roughly 1850 sq ft what should I expect for a cost comparison of the white concrete flat or barrel tile vs metal roof down here. 5). Because of all the rain down here are metal roofs very loud compared to the concrete tile roofs? 6). What would life expectancy be down here for a metal roof and how are they for resale value? All help is greatly appreciated. Eric
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
1. Depending on the metal and attachment style, metal can do quite well. 2. Metal is highly reflective and depending on color, reflects a considerable amount of heat. 3. Can't help you here, but looks for a participating contractor with the MRA. 4. Impossible to tell. 5. Not if installed over a solid deck. Little to no noise. 6. Decades. We see 35 year metal roofs that look as good as the day they go in.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks, both Erics! Eric Held, I did just email you some things as well.

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